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Apr 28, 2019

Above All Else

Guest Speaker: Scott Maiden
Text: Luke 10

Apr 21, 2019

Easter - The Way

People from every country, every ethnic group, and all walks of life celebrate a small town Jewish carpenter each year on Easter Sunday. Why? What makes Jesus the centerpiece of human history? Could it really be that Jesus was exactly who he said he was? The "Way" to a relationship with God?

Speaker: Pastor Steven Lucas
Text: John 14 & 20

Apr 14, 2019

The Life of David

King David is the most mentioned figure in the Bible after Jesus. He was a great leader, and called a "a man after God's own heart". Today we look at David's life to find a few principles that made him a great servant, shepherd, warrior, and king.

Speaker: Pastor Steven Lucas
Text: 1 Samuel 16 & Acts 13

Apr 7, 2019

The Battle - Own It

Samson was a powerful man who was chosen by God to rescue Israel, but he squandered his potential  however by never owning his weaknesses and mistakes. If we never own defeat, defeat will own us.

Speaker: Pastor Steven Lucas
Text: Judges 14 & 15