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Mar 31, 2019

The Battle - Called Out

God desires to call out of us what He has placed inside us - mighty heroes for His kingdom! Today we look at a man named Gideon and see what drove him from being a selfish, scared, overlooked man to a mighty hero for Israel.

Speaker: Pastor Steven Lucas
Text: Judges 6 & 7

Mar 24, 2019

The Battle - Battle Within

Before the Israelites were ready to battle for the promised land, God wanted them to face the battle within themselves. The battle against the brokenness, fear, and turmoil within themselves.

Speaker: Pastor Steven Lucas
Text: Joshua 1:1-9

Mar 17, 2019

Three Alternatives

Speaker: Guest Bryan Spicer of Bay State Baptist Church in Billerica MA
Text: John 6:60-69

Mar 10, 2019

GODS AT WAR- God of the Law

It's one thing to guard your heart from idols, but why follow the God who gave "the law". Is the law a reflection of a strict God who demands nothing less than absolute, unwavering obedience from His followers or else?? Or is there more to the law than that?

Speaker: Pastor Steven Lucas
Text: Exodus 20 & Romans 3

Mar 3, 2019


God gave Moses a great mission; to be part of rescuing the nation of Israel from the clutches of Egyptian bondage. Moses' reaction was to immediately doubt himself, God, and the outcome. Today we look at how God sees and handles our personal doubts.

Speaker: Pastor Steven Lucas
Text: Exodus 3